Vertex S+ 505W: The Optimal Choice for C&I Sector Investors

In a world where ecology is tangled with technology, SOEN was proud to present at Enex the latest product from our partner Trina Solar – the NEG18R.28 Vertex S+ 505W photovoltaic panel. This latest technological solution, in the field of solar modules, aims to set new standards, especially for rooftop installations on commercial and industrial buildings.

Lightness Meets Efficiency

This model stands out not only for its high power output of up to 505W and efficiency of 22.7%, but also for its optimal dimensions and surprisingly light weight, making installation simpler than ever. Additionally, the incorporation of dual glass layers significantly increases its resilience to scratches, cracks, and impacts, ensuring exceptional durability against external conditions such as salt mist, acids, alkalis, high temperatures, and humidity.

Technology for a Better Tomorrow – Accelerated ROI and Lower Energy Costs

Featuring innovative n-type i-TOPCon cells combined with double-glass technology, the Trina Solar panel guarantees not only exceptional performance, but also enhanced resistance to degradation, resulting in longer life and consistently high energy production for many years. This is achieved while maintaining environmental responsibility – minimized use of plastic and better recycling performance.

The advanced technology used in the NEG18R.28 Vertex S+ panel enables higher conversion efficiency and increased energy production, which means faster return on investment and lower energy costs for users. The ability to maintain an open-circuit voltage of 40V allows the integration of more modules into a single string, reducing the system’s string count. This efficiency cuts down on overall system expenses through a decrease in the necessity for additional structures, wiring, and labor.

A Versatile Solution for Any Roof

Crafted with installation simplicity and adaptability in mind, the panel serves as an optimal solution for diverse roofing projects, ensuring compatibility with the market’s leading mounting systems.

With the introduction of the NEG18R.28 Vertex S+ 505W panel, Trina Solar not only meets the current demands of the market; it pioneers new frontiers in the realm of sustainable energy production, leading us toward a more eco-conscious future.

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