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We aspire to become a leading wholesaler of photovoltaic panels across Europe, driven by a commitment to reliability and customer satisfaction.

We are committed to unwavering sincerity, leaving no place for indifference. Our focus is on building trust and delivering innovative solutions to meet various market needs.


30 years of history
Customers in 43 countries
Full product offer Good prices
Own stock
Own vehicle fleet of 200 cars Fast delivery
Own warehouse 30,000 m2
We offer poducts of:
Our own transport company, The Chomar, offers a wide range of logistics services with a focus on flexibility, reliability, and modernity. With 27 years of experience and established customer service standards, Chomar has become one of the top 100 transport companies in Poland.


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We deliver to customers across Europe

How does this translate into numbers?

30 years of experience
80,000 orders per year
25 million kilometers a year
24/7 on the road

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  1. Territorial scope all of Europe
  2. Organization of maritime transportation
  3. Customs warehouse in Poland
  4. Shopping from manufacturers
  5. Instant delivery
  6. RDC Storage
  7. In-house transportation
  8. Wholesale sale of photovoltaic panels
  9. Retail sale of photovoltaic panels
  10. Distribution of inverters
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