About us


About SOEN

Flexibility and confidence

The SOEN company is made up of a young, developing team that deals with the sale and purchase of photovoltaic panels and inverters in wholesale quantities. We focus on flexibility and certainty, which we implement, e.g. thanks to our own transport - the CHOMAR transport company, which we founded in 1991. SOEN is another project focusing on renewable energy sources - photovoltaics. Each completed sale is the result of the work of a team of professionals who, in addition to their own transport, also have a huge warehouse space at their disposal.

SOEN is an experienced sales team, committed management staff, own transport base, huge warehouse space and most important cooperation based on trust.

Let's talk!

As a company that focuses on trust and building long-term relationships with customers, we invite everyone for a warm beverage in our office and for a walk around the warehouse. Please set up an appointment with us by calling +48 798 860 573 or by e-mail biuro@so-en.pl